Your Best Brain

Here is a talk from the San Rafael Meditation group with Rick Hanson. It is titled Practicing with Negative Reactions to Others.

More information on the San Rafael Mediation group can be found here.

Your Precious Life – Part 1

Your Precious Life – Part 1

What an incredible opportunity it is to have a life. At all. To fulfill that opportunity, we need a fundamental orientation inside that treats our life as if it matters. As if our happiness is important, as if being mistreated is not alright, as if we deserve the same...

Being Resilient During Coronavirus

During times like this – with a pandemic such as the Coronavirus – it’s natural to feel afraid, anxious, or threatened. But being consumed by fear causes wear and tear on the body, which actually undermines your safety. Here you’ll find suggestions and resources for how to stay calm and be effective during this challenging time.