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Rick’s Picks is a collection of things that I’ve really liked, and you may, too. I hope that you find them as inspiring, entertaining, fun, surprising, and educational as I have.

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Like everybody else, my tastes in videos are a little – ah – eclectic. See if you like these.


These are some of my favorite books. I love to read and hope you like these books as much as I have.
(Disclosure: If you follow the links to Amazon, I get a little compensation but you are welcome to purchase them elsewhere, including your local bookstore.)

Introduction to Positive Neuroplasticity

Family Life

Psychological Tools

Mathematics, and Physical and Biological Sciences

Social Sciences

Science Fiction and Fantasy

General Fiction

Non-Buddhist Spiritual Literature

Selected Buddhist Readings

Buddhism has several major lineage – Theravadan (based on the original teachings of the Buddha), Tibetan, Chan, Zen, and Pure Land – as well as modern variations and syntheses of these. My background is mainly Theravadan, and I welcome suggestions for other lineages.

If you’re getting just one book:

Solid introductions, from a Western perspective:

When the going gets tough:

For meditative absorption and insight:




Modern Interpretations:


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