Foreign Languages

Dr. Hanson’s books have been translated into 33 languages

Thanks to the efforts of some very generous people,* some of Dr. Hanson’s materials have been translated from English into foreign languages.

To view languages and publisher info, please see the books page and click on the title you’re interested in for more information.

Currently, there are selected materials available in:

*With special thanks to:

Anna Andrzejewska
Palina Asgeirsdottir
Joanna Berendt
Marina Berney
Alexandru Bogdan
Gaby Contreras

Ayya Dhammananda
Pavla Frňková
Tracy Ku
Carmen Lopez
Katja Meyer-Rachner

Ol’ha Samborska
Connie Triantafillidis
Karin Van Hooff
Arbor Verlag
Kirsten Victor