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An online version of the Positive Neuroplasticity Training course has been written by Katja Meyer-Rachner and Ol’ha Samborska. This course has been created in response to the war in Ukraine, to help refugees reduce fears and anxiety and avoid long-term psychological disorders.

HEAL – By Taking in the Good (in Ukrainian)

HEAL – By Taking in the Good (in German)

Katja Meyer-Rachner has been practicing mindfulness since 2010. She holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering, is an active member in the Network for Mindful Business. She is the founder of Mindful & More, lives and works from Nice, France, and enjoys teaching MBSR, ME-CL and PNT in German, English and French.


Ol’ha Samborska was born in Ukraine and raised in the Beskyd mountains, Poland. She studied cell biology and genetic engineering, and conducts research in psychology, epigenetics, hypnotherapy, and transgenerational traumatology. She currently helps Ukrainian refugees to cope with the trauma of war using the HEAL method, working from Berlin, Germany.