Resources for Resilient Well-being from Dr. Rick Hanson

We live in a complex and challenging world that often feels like it works against our innate sense of peace and well-being.

These resources are designed to help you focus on areas in your life that need attention – and healing. Learn powerful, practical ways to develop resilient well-being in turbulent times.

“Rick offers simple, accessible, practical steps for touching the peace and joy that are every person’s birthright.”

—Thich Nhat Hanh

“Rick has a rare ability to inspire us to our fullest potential while giving us practical, actionable tools for everyday life.”

—Marie Forleo

“Rick works practical magic, teaching you how to rewire your brain for greater happiness, peace, and well-being.”

—Jennifer Louden

“Rick is a brilliant and masterful guide in cultivating the traits that underlie a happy, fulfilled life.”

—Tara Brach

“Rick teaches how to develop durable psychological resources to become resilient in this modern, hectic world.”

—Mark Hyman, M.D.