This practice – From Idea to Embodied Experience– from page 92 in my book – Hardwiring Happiness – helps thoughts about a good fact become good feelings, sensations, desires and actions related to it:

  • Be aware of your body as well as the good fact.
  • Soften and open your mind and body, with a sense of receiving the fact.
  • Think about aspects of the good fact that naturally encourage positive emotions, sensations, desires and actions.
  • Be kind toward yourself—like an inner voice saying, “Go ahead, this is real, it’s true, it’s all right to feel good about it.”
  • Imagine that this good fact is in the life of a friend. What experience would you wish for him or her? Could you wish this same experience for yourself?

You can deepen your practice with this and other exercises with the Hardwiring Happiness reading guide – //