Being Well Podcast: Responding to Criticism, and Accepting the Way Things Are
December 12, 2022

Criticism is an unavoidable part of life. But even though we’re all going to be criticized from time to time, many of us spend much of our lives living in fear of criticism. Then, on the flip side, we’re all critics ourselves. We’ve all been in situations that aren’t quite what we want them to be – so we need to either do something to change them or accept them as they are. 

On this episode of Being Well, Dr. Rick and Forrest focus on how we can get better at receiving and giving criticism, learn to accept what lies outside of our control, and avoid the “mood of complaint.”

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Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction and critiques of the podcast
  • 4:45: Where we place our attention
  • 8:00: Two kinds of complaint
  • 8:55: Self-righteousness and identifying with our complaints
  • 11:25: What do we hope to accomplish by complaining?
  • 13:15: Sharing experience vs. asserting information
  • 18:35: Developing relationships where your vulnerability is welcome
  • 24:45: Projecting your unclear desires on other people
  • 28:10: How to respond to negative feedback and manage your reactions
  • 32:00: Releasing attachment to changing others and responding to trolls
  • 39:00: Complaints come from emotional dissatisfaction
  • 43:45: Recap

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