Being Well Podcast: How to Understand Anxiety and See Threats Clearly
November 28, 2022

We’re living in an anxious time, and part of the reason we’re anxious is because there are very real challenges we face both individually and collectively. But we’re also affected by the natural tendencies of the brain, which is easily influenced by fear and threat.

On this episode of Being Well, Dr. Rick and Forrest Hanson focus on how we can see threats clearly and be the “right amount” of concerned.

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Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 1:20: Foundations of Well-Being
  • 4:45: Why is it hard for us to see threats without excessive worry?
  • 7:05: Transcending evolutionary influences toward fear
  • 10:00: The last time Rick took LSD
  • 14:15: Discerning what’s valuable in our anxieties, and leaving the rest
  • 19:20: Forrest’s apartment fire story
  • 21:00: Disagreements in evaluating a threat between people
  • 25:35: Probability of risk
  • 28:20: Practical techniques to assess threats with more clarity
  • 33:00: Existential acceptance
  • 37:00: Help for anxiety about anxiety
  • 40:40: Recap

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