Being Well Podcast: Harnessing Your Generativity: The Secret to Productivity, Creativity, and Consistency
December 18, 2023

Dr. Rick joins Forrest on this episode of the Being Well Podcast for a deep dive into harnessing our natural generativity. How can we become more productive and creative, experience greater satisfaction, and lean into our biological drives to get more of what we want out of life?

They explore what a drive is, our natural drive states, and what we can learn from models of motivation like self-determination theory, before moving on to what we can do if generativity doesn’t come naturally to us. Rick and Forrest share how we can lean into enjoyable experiences, feel more competent and autonomous, and learn to brave experiences of failure. The second half of the episode focuses on psychological tools that help us activate, enjoy, and hang out in generative states more often.

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Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction: The Secret to Productivity
  • 1:10: Rick’s ability to stay generative.
  • 3:25: Motivation, aggression, and our interdependence with others
  • 12:10: A theoretical framework for generative drive 
  • 14:50: The process of making something as a form of healing
  • 19:30: Confidence, autonomy, and relatedness
  • 23:55: The way we think of ourselves
  • 28:10: Agency, and what we can and cannot influence
  • 34:30: Comfort with aggression 
  • 40:55: Work ethic, the role of passion and enjoyment, and finding your why
  • 47:45: Competency and flow
  • 50:55: Having positive associations with effort
  • 57:10: Enriching vs. absorbing our experience
  • 1:01:30: The little things that make a big difference
  • 1:04:30: Recap

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