At first glance, generosity may not seem like a mental resource, but it strengthens you with a sense of the fullness that’s already inside, while also connecting you with other people. Generosity to others can be a gift to you along the way, giving you even more to offer in a positive cycle.

Over this last year we’ve explored many ways to fill up your own cup, which gives you more that you can place in the cups – and hands and hearts – of others.

Today we’re beginning the strength of generosity with an episode dedicated to re-framing the many ways we give every day.


1:00: What is “everyday giving?”

3:20: The evolution of generosity.

9:25: What generosity gives to us.

12:00: Feeling like a person of value.

15:30: Blocks to giving.

20:00: Compassion and equanimity.

23:30: How to build equanimity.

28:45: Recap