On today’s episode of the Being Well podcast, Dr. Rick Hanson discusses “linking” – how we can use new, positive experiences to soften and eventually replace old, negative ones.

1:20: What is linking?
2:20: An example of linking.
3:50: How does linking work in the brain?
5:50: How removing old, painful experiences works in the brain.
8:30: How we can remove old pains.
10:10: Quick recap
11:05: The two opportunities to remove negative material.
13:20: The two problematic ways people deal with upsets.
14:05: The better way to approach upsetting situations.
15:20: Matching the right positive experiences to the negative experience.
16:00: The pitfalls of linking.
17:55: Why negative material isn’t “bad.”
18:30: The third option found in linking.
19:45: The difference between wounds and deficits.
20:30: The three levels of engaging negative material.
23:30: Pulling the tip of the root.
24:00: How to talk to your young experiences.
27:10: The three conditions for linking.
29:25: Recap