Being Well Podcast: Fierceness
April 23, 2018

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson and Forrest talk about a particularly challenging aspect of the strength of determination: fierceness. They explore how the ‘feral’ parts of our mind can be a powerful resource, and how we can use that inner strength rather than be used by it.


  • 0:40: What does “fierceness” mean?
  • 3:20: How fierceness fuels determination.
  • 5:20: Is how we think about fierceness defined by our individual experience?
  • 6:20: Different ways to think about the ‘feral’ experience.
  • 8:45: The difficulty in articulating this material.
  • 9:15: Using all the material in the psyche as a potential resource.
  • 12:00: Pitfalls relating to fierceness.
  • 16:20: The burden of proof when being fierce.
  • 18:00: The two pitfalls related to fierceness.
  • 19:30: Increasing our comfort with fierceness.
  • 24:50: Strengthening our own cores.
  • 27:25: Taming the beast by allowing it to run.
  • 28:55: Recap

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