Each year I use an issue of the Just One Thing newsletter to offer Twelve Good Things that I think are really wonderful and worth your attention.

May you and those you love and in fact the whole wide world be truly well, truly happy, and truly at peace

  1. UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center is a world-class resource for compassion, parenting, and positive psychology – including their Greater Good Magazine.
  2. Two causes that are near and dear to me are aided by Amnesty International and the International Campaign for Tibet, and I invite you to join me in supporting them. Also, Spirit Rock Meditation Center has been my primary personal wellspring of contemplative practice, and it offers many high-quality workshops, retreats, and online courses.
  3. Human activity dumps about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide each day into the air, and the terrible consequences we’re already seeing are just the beginning of what our children and grandchildren will inherit. While reducing emissions at all levels is hugely important, meanwhile individuals can support projects that compensate for their own carbon footprint each year. The EPA, Nature Conservancy, and WWF all have good carbon calculators, and Carbon Footprint, Terrapass, and Native Energy offer a variety of “offsets.”
  4. The Foundations of Well-Being is my online program for growing an unshakable core of resilient happiness in a changing world. It’s super practical, you can go at your own pace, and there’s a money-back guarantee. You’ll get the tools you need to develop more calm, contentment, and confidence each week – and there’s a $200 discount if you sign up by December 20.
  5. An organization close to my heart – the BRITE Initiative – has a school in Haiti for children in kindergarten through 9th grade who would not otherwise get a decent education. They have over 100 students who still need support for this school year, and you might like to join me in sponsoring one of them.
  6. My non-profit Well-Spring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom provides resources, research, and the Wise Brain Bulletin. Your tax-deductible donations support our mission.
  7. Here are some favorite reads: After Buddhism: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age by Stephen Batchelor; Now: The Physics of Time by Richard A. Muller; The Cold Dish, and other Longmire detective novels by Craig Johnson; Not Always So by Suzuki Roshi; and The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. (For simplicity, I linked to Amazon here, and of course there are other options – including your local bookshop.)
  8. As the climate emergency worsens, the World Wildlife Fund has emergency support for those harmed by wildfires, including endangered species such as the koalas in eastern Australia. Also, check out the film 2040, the education of girls, and real energy revolutionsCharity:Water brings clean water to people in need, and Rainforest Alliance is protecting our forests.
  9. Project Happiness offers a toolbox of science-based skills to kids and adults to relieve depression. Mindful.org helps anyone interested in mindfulness and meditation for greater health and happiness. Pencils of Promise aids kids.
  10. Some of the best TedTalks of 2019 include the Power of Vulnerability, Why Awe Matters, and my favorite from Dr. Shauna Shapiro: What You Practice Grows Stronger.
  11. Astrophysics continues to expand our view of life and the universe. The Astrum channel provides some eye-popping images of space as well as treasure troves of information, including this video on things the Hubble Space Telescope has discovered.
  12. For an eclectic collection of some videos I like, see Heart Beats Slow by Angus and Julia Stone; Hope by Emily Brimlow; Alex Honnold soloing El Capitan, Mt. Watkins, and Half Dome in a day (plus a scary teaser and a cool summary); Oh Woman Oh Man by London Grammar (on an Italian music talent show); Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping the Founding Fathers at the White House; and of course the classic Mr. Rogers accepting his Emmy.

Twelve times warm wishes to you,


P.S. Last, for a baker’s dozen, my Just One Minute program offers 57 quick-and-easy video practices, for simple, direct, and positive changes in a busy life