Asking for Empathy

All of us could probably get better at empathy, but men in particular tend to be raised in our society to focus on facts and solutions rather than feelings and relationships. Here is a list of questions a husband can ask his wife in order to be more empathic.

How to Be Good Partners in Parenting

With kids there is just too much for one person to do alone, and each parent has a big stake in what the other one does with the child. Here we explore what makes a good partnership and how to assess it.

Parents Are Negotiators

In this column, we present effective ways to bridge disagreements, create workable compromises, establish accountability, and follow through on promises — in short, how two parents can negotiate well with each other.

5 Keys to Settling Marital Conflict

Sleep deprivation, little time for oneself, feeling let down, vicious cycles of finger-pointing, the in-laws and more are all causes for marital conflict. Here we present five key methods to solve these problems – and maintain an intact family in which to raise precious children.

Translating Mom-Speak and Dad-Speak

In relationships, women generally tend to focus on feeling connected, while men are sensitive to status and dominance. Each gender style is valid and skill with the other gender’s style lets you shift gears effectively, depending on what’s needed.

Empathy: A Key Relationship Skill

Fundamentally, empathy is a skill, like any other, and you can get better at it. And much the same, you can ask your partner to get better at it, too! Getting better at empathy will only help a person become a better parent.

Speaking from Your Heart

Here are some questions that you can use as a checklist to help yourself communicate authentically and skillfully – so that the outside you show the world more closely matches your insides.

True Love

Sometimes two people seem like they’re just an inch away from falling in love again – but somehow it never quite clicks and they keep on slowly drifting apart. In this column we explore the foundations of marriage and ways to show that your partner truly matters to you.

Parenting from the Same Page

In this column, we will apply effective ways a mother and father can communicate to the sometimes thorny issues of of childrearing practices, who does what, sharing the load fairly, and money.

Resolving Quarrels

Disagreements and grievances are normal in any relationship, whether it’s between a mom and dad, or between two nations or peoples. Here are four things that will lead to your best chance of resolving a quarrel.

Talking About Parental Values

Parents often work out their differences informally, but sometimes, you’d benefit from a process that’s a little more structured. Here are some questions to help discuss the values that guide your parenting.

Making Time for Your Relationship

During periods of intense demands – such as the first months after birth – it’s normal for a couple to have less time for each other. Time together for conversation, doing fun things together, sweet moments, and affection is the foundation of a strong and enduring love. Here are some suggestions for busy parents.

Issues with Relatives

When children come along, relatives can be an incredible blessing or something of a curse – and sometimes both at the same time. Happily, there are lots of ways to keep things on a good footing with the relatives. Here are just a few.