Having a Life of Your Own

Having a Life of Your Own

Feeling the stresses of multiple commitments tugging at you can make you feel like you can never take care of any single one as much as you would like. We’ve listed just a few ways that you can help serve yourself in this column.

Finding Your Footing

It’s really natural to feel pulled in a million directions when you’re a mother. Many people have a hard time seriously getting on their own side, so that they feel mobilized to reduce their suffering and increase their happiness. Here are some quick methods.

Getting More Sleep

Loss of sleep is a major reason why many mothers of young children feel depleted; besides wearing you out, sleep deprivation robs the brain of certain substances you need for health and well-being. Here are some suggestions.

A Father’s Story

A Father’s Story

There are gains and losses for both parents in the arrival of their child. This article is a summary of the process and some suggestions for what a father or partner can do.

Swimming up Stream

Many mothers think back to their own moms and feel dismayed that they may not be handling things as well. It’s both poignant and sadly unfair to the women who feel this way, since times have changed so dramatically. In response, we’d like to offer these words.

How a Parent Gets Depleted

Parenthood is profoundly fulfilling . . . but it is also the most physically demanding and stressful activity most people – whether women or men – will ever do, and it gets done day after day for twenty or more years. You can start feeling better about things just knowing that you are not alone.

10 Reasons to Take Good Care of a Mother

Mothers get stressed and depleted over time through the accumulation of a thousand little things. It is through doing little things each day that are good for you that you accumulate a growing pile of positive resources for your health, well-being, strong teamwork, and lasting love. These are worth knowing for a mother herself, and for anyone who knows her.

Taking in the Good Stuff

Parents put out so much during the day that it’s easy to get depleted: more is going out than is coming back in. It’s so vital to keep putting back in your tank. Here, let’s look at how to fill yourself back up emotionally.

Letting Go

Moms deal with so many feelings and needs and wants in her children and partner that the stress builds up over the course of a day. Here’s a summary of practical methods for letting go.