Wednesday Weekly Meditation and Talk with Ethan Nichtern

Wednesday Weekly Meditation and Talk with Ethan Nichtern

Much research has shown that meditation is one of the very best ways to cultivate the brain states of self-awareness, calm and inner peace, lovingkindness, mindfulness, and happiness – as well as strengthen the immune system and nurture other health benefits.

Join guest teacher Ethan Nichtern for a live-streamed weekly meditation, talk, and discussion. Ethan is the author of Confidence: Holding Your Seat through Life’s Eight Worldly Winds and several other titles, including the widely acclaimed The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of the Buddhist Path. A renowned contemporary Buddhist teacher and the host of The Road Home PodcastNichtern has offered meditation and Buddhist psychology classes at conferences, meditation centers, yoga studios, and universities, including Brown, Yale, and NYU. He has been featured by CNN, NPR, the New York TimesVogue, and Business Insider and has written for the Huffington Post, BeliefnetLion’s RoarTricycleBuddhadharma, and more. He lives in Brooklyn. Visit him online at

These teachings are offered freely, at no charge. And if you like, you may wish to participate in the age-old tradition of generosity through making an offering yourself – called “dāna” – to support Caverly and Rick’s Wednesday Meditations. Generosity itself is a beautiful practice that opens and gladdens the heart, relaxes the contraction of “self,” and ripples out into the world to touch many people – and perhaps, eventually, even oneself.

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