Being Well Podcast: Moving Beyond “Fair” to Build a Great Relationship with Nate and Kaley Klemp
November 21, 2022

These days couples often shoot for 50/50 in their relationships: an even split of responsibilities in the home or at work. But 50/50 often leads to fights over fairness, and this fixation on fairness can be the death of many relationships.

On this episode of the Being Well Podcast, Forrest and Dr. Rick are joined by Nate and Kaley Klemp to explore how we can build fun, fulfilling, and truly equitable relationships. Topics include Nate and Kaley’s early relationship struggles, different models of relationship, breaking out of old patterns, and how we can manage situations where one partner really is contributing significantly more than the other.

Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 1:45: Nate and Kaley’s personal relationship as a basis for their work
  • 5:30: Three different models of relationship
  • 9:30: Two pillars to 80/80 – mindset and structure
  • 12:20: How a 50/50 dynamic caused problems for Nate and Kaley 
  • 19:20: The conscious or unconscious division of roles
  • 21:30: Gratitude and generosity
  • 25:40: Parenting, shared success, and being on a team
  • 32:15: Getting your partner’s buy-in: reveal and request
  • 39:50: Underlying beliefs and power imbalances
  • 44:20: Creating structure (and data) to have difficult conversations
  • 49:30: Distinguishing a reluctant partner from an unwilling partner
  • 52:05: Key skills that distinguish successful couples
  • 56:10: Recap

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