On today’s episode of the Being Well podcast, Rick and Forrest Hanson talk about how we can find and use “key resource experiences” – experiences that we can match to our unique vulnerabilities in order to grow the strengths we need the most.

0:45: What is a key resource experience?
1:45: What would be useful in dealing with your issues?
2:30: How to identify your key resources.
4:00: What were the times when you were at your best?
5:15: Identifying the vulnerabilities we match key resources to.
7:40: How do our vulnerabilities relate to our needs?
10:50: Matching key resources to specific needs.
11:15: Resources for anxiety, anger, and helplessness.
13:45: Feeling alright, right now.
15:35: Resources for satisfaction.
18:45: The importance of resourcefulness.
19:30: Resources for connection.
21:05: Means vs. Ends
27:25: Recap