Being Well Podcast: How To Assert Yourself Effectively
October 22, 2018

The focus of this episode of the Being Well Podcast is asserting ourselves effectively.

Relationships go smoothly when everyone wants the same things. But how common is that? If little comments and adjustments resolve the problem, great. If not, we need to learn how to combine empathy for the other person with clear, skillful assertions of our own views to solve problems and address interpersonal issues.

That’s the focus of this episode of the Being Well Podcast: asserting ourselves effectively.

In even the most supportive and positive relationships, we still need to assert ourselves, if only in small and subtle ways. It may seem rude or pushy to be assertive, but it’s natural for others to express themselves and try to get what they want, and it’s natural for you to do the same.

During this episode we focus on how to:

  • Find the facts
  • Clarify values
  • Focus on the future
  • Make requests rather than demands
  • Keep your eyes on the prize
  • Make clear agreements
  • Consolidate your gains


  • 1:15: Why do people struggle to assert themselves effectively?
  • 3:10: Setting the stage for asserting yourself.
  • 8:45: Keeping your eyes on the prize.
  • 11:50: Commenting on process.
  • 16:10: Focusing on the future.
  • 18:15: What would it look like if you got what you wanted?
  • 24:00: Make requests, not demands.
  • 25:50: Making requests with dignity.
  • 28:50: Consolidating your gains.
  • 30:45: Make clear agreements.
  • 32:15: How can I help you do this?
  • 37:10: Recap

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