On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Rick Hanson explores the “installation” stage of learning in detail, including how we can internalize the various positive aspects of any experience to grow the strengths we need the most.

0:50: What attracted you to “learning”?
3:15: The “dirty secret” of the personal growth professions.
4:10: How can we get better at internalizing our good experiences?
5:05: The five ways we can enrich our experience.
8:10: Multimodality: how to learn through the different aspects of experience.
9:00: Why writing affirmations rarely works.
9:55: Bridging the gap between thought and experience.
13:30: Our many opportunities for learning.
14:30: How to make our experiences feel novel.
16:40: How to make our experiences feel relevant.
18:20: How to absorb experiences.
19:50: Letting experiences into our body.
24:10: Changing our relationship to experiences
25:30: The power of “retroactive rehearsal.”
28:00: The foundation of learning.