“What happens so many times in our lives is, we walk by people – we don’t really look at them. When you take the time to look, to truly see, then there’s this explosion of opportunity to care and have an impact. The goodness you get back from that is so powerful, it makes you want to repeat that.

We know this is a reality because it’s based in science. There have been studies that have been done that show that when somebody is of service to others in a selfless matter – it has a huge impact on them physiologically and from a mental health perspective.

So while I can sit here and argue how good it makes you feel – which is all true – it also from a scientific perspective, is GOOD.”

-James Doty

Learn about some of the life-changing benefits of having compassion and a sense of caring for others with James Doty – Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford – in this interview I did for my Foundations of Well-Being program.