Being Well Podcast: Connecting with Your Best Parts
June 27, 2022

On this episode of Being Well, we focus on how to accept, appreciate, and connect with our positive aspects, and how to deal with some of the developmental blocks that prevent us from embracing the good in ourselves. We look at how the culture we’re in affects our perspective, how to manage fears of conceit, and how to experience more intimacy and courage by releasing cynicism.

A little while ago, we had an episode on self-awareness where I emphasized how the majority of what people have to become self-aware of is the good inside themselves. The point felt significant enough to expand into a full episode about how to connect with our best parts.

Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 3:20: What gets in the way of us hearing the good news about ourselves?
  • 5:40: Stories we’re told about ourselves that form our identity
  • 10:45: Reconnecting with childhood positive qualities
  • 17:10: Intentions, talents, efforts
  • 23:25: Avoiding conceit and the fear of sounding conceited
  • 30:40: Releasing ideas that human nature is fundamentally bad
  • 34:25: Tribalism
  • 36:35: Seeing the cultural water we swim in
  • 41:15: Intimacy, cynicism, courage
  • 46:40: Cherishing ourselves and others
  • 47:35: Recap

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