Being Well Podcast: Authenticity: How to “Be Yourself”
September 25, 2023

We’re often told to “be true to ourselves:” to line up the person we are on the outside with the person we are on the inside. In a word, to be authentic. But what does it mean to “be who we are,” “get in touch with ourselves,” or to go full new-age “live in alignment with our higher purpose?” What even is authenticity really?

In this episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Rick and Forrest explore what authenticity is, where it comes from, and whether it’s actually a good thing to be more authentic. They talk about what we really mean when we use the word “authenticity,” the fragmented nature of the self, and problems with unregulated self expression. They then turn towards how we can include all of ourselves, act from our values, and become at peace with who we are. 

Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 2:35: How Rick thinks about authenticity
  • 6:10: Congruence, presentation, and the difference between honest and good
  • 13:45: A personal example of authenticity from Rick and Forrest
  • 17:00: Self-disclosure as a factor of intimacy
  • 19:45: What parts of ourselves are we being authentic to?
  • 23:15: Vulnerability and aspiration
  • 28:10: Carl Rogers’ idea of the perceived self and the ideal self
  • 33:20: Is self-improvement authentic?
  • 36:30: Unconditional positive regard, and embodiment
  • 40:10: Naming what you’re feeling, the vastness of the psyche, and self-honesty
  • 46:25: Having a secure environment for aspirational change
  • 48:45: Individualism, social roles, and intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation
  • 53:05: Archetypes, the shadow, and integration
  • 59:20: Recap

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