Meditation + Talk: Greenlighting, the Green Zone, and Maximizing Your Joy
January 25, 2024

This Wednesday Night Meditation included a 31-minute meditation and a 48-minute talk about Greenlighting, the Green Zone, and Maximizing Your Joy, from guest Teachers Saniel and Linda.

Saniel and Linda — For over three decades, Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder have been pioneer teachers/coaches in the emergent field of relational, embodied awakening. Best known generally as Waking Down in Mutuality®, their radically innovative Human Sun HEART Work has helped many hundreds achieve unshakable, non-dual, whole-being realization, dozens become catalytic transmitters/teachers themselves, and thousands enjoy great relief, liberating insight, and empowering resilience, and numinous lightening and brightening of their daily lives.

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Download the Audio of this Meditation


Download the Audio of this Talk
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These teachings are offered freely.

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