Being Well Podcast: What We’ve Learned From 100 Experts
March 6, 2023

On the (roughly) 300th episode of the Being Well Podcast, Forrest and Dr. Rick share what they’ve learned from the many experts in psychology, personal growth, and mental health they’ve talked to on the show. 

They explore the importance of individual context, the gap between insight and action, self-honesty and acceptance as the catalyst for change, incremental change vs. sudden breakthroughs, and the role of distress tolerance.



Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction and two big themes

2:25: Applying generalized information to your individual context

7:50: The importance of insight and where it falls short

9:20: White light moments and the importance of action

13:25: Wants and needs

25:40: Slow and steady effort

29:35: Going to zero and the scaffolding that leads to sustained change

36:15: Distress tolerance, valuing acceptance, and what you know to be true

41:25: The three mechanisms of change

44:25: Reducing inner friction through mental training, and cultivating trust

47:50: How do you want to use your time?

49:10: Recap

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