Being Well Podcast: Self-Help Fads and Finding What Really Works with mindbodygreen CEO Jason Wachob
May 24, 2023

There’s an enormous amount of advice out there in the self-help world…and much of it isn’t very good. Jason Wachob, the Founder and Co-CEO of mindbodygreen, joins Forrest and Dr. Rick on this episode of the Being Well Podcast to separate fact from fiction and clarify what really matters.

They explore the importance of finding joy in the well-being journey, simple practices that have stood the test of time, and how we can pursue goals in healthy ways. Specific topics include the importance of high-quality sleep, breathing better, sifting through diet and exercise fads, developing a pursuit mindset, hormetic stress, and finding the things that work for you.

About our Guest: Jason Wachob is the Founder and Co-CEO of mindbodygreen, one of the largest, most influential media brands in the wellness space. He’s also the host of the mindbodygreen podcast, and the co-author of The Joy of Well-Being: A practical guide to a happy, healthy, and long life.



Key Topics: 

0:00: Introduction

1:15: Distinguishing well-being from wellness

3:50: Healthy change is joyful change

7:50: Having a pursuit mindset

11:30: Addressing the main objection to well-being

14:45: Present moment awareness

16:55: Box breathing and sleep

22:10: Jason’s background, and how identity dictates our behavior

32:20: Honoring your inner knowing

37:50: Finding your ‘why’

42:45: Good stress, and finding what works for you

46:40: Vulnerability with others

48:55: Feeling connected to the world

50:50: Recap

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