Being Well Podcast: Relating to Your Anger
May 23, 2022

On this episode of Being Well, Forrest and I explore the varied ways anger surfaces, relating to your anger, and how in recognizing what it has to tell us we can channel its energy towards positive changes in our lives.

Anger is one of the most complex, demanding, and difficult emotions we deal with on a regular basis. It comes with many costs to our bodies, relationships, and the world around us. At the same time, there is a vital energy associated with anger that is extremely powerful and, when harnessed effectively, quite useful.

Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 2:10: Framing anger relative to other emotions
  • 6:15: The three poisons
  • 12:20: Useful aspects of anger and issues with labeling it as bad
  • 22:45: Repression and not downregulating others’ emotions
  • 28:30: Treating anger with respect rather than fear
  • 30:15: What supports us in healthily claiming anger?
  • 38:00: Characteristics that can predispose people to be angry
  • 39:40: The Empty Boat and recognizing anger as an affliction against onesself
  • 43:10: Recap

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