Being Well Podcast: How to Create Massive Change with Dr. Benjamin Hardy
May 1, 2023

Forrest Hanson welcomes Dr. Benjamin Hardy on this episode of the Being Well Podcast to explore how we can create massive change by applying “10x thinking.” This mindset involves embracing a radically different version of ourselves and our lives, and they share how we can apply it to our daily lives, learn to act from our future selves, and move past defensiveness and fear. You’ll learn how our past and future selves are with us in the present, how fixating on authenticity can hinder our growth, and how to break free from old patterns and create a more fulfilling life.

About our Guest: Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and author of 8 books, including Personality Isn’t Permanent, Willpower Doesn’t Work, and his newest book 10x is Easier Than 2x: How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less.

Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 2:20: Linear vs. 10x thinking and the 80/20 principle
  • 4:30: Having an honesty filter, and making transformational change
  • 6:15: Using the 80/20 principle to act in alignment with your future self
  • 10:45: Agency as the belief in possibility
  • 14:30: The inherent discomfort of orienting to a positive future
  • 17:55: Psychological sunk costs
  • 19:40: How believing in a “core self” holds us back
  • 24:50: What helps us break through defensiveness and fear of failure
  • 29:10: The present shapes the meaning of the past, and why that’s useful
  • 35:10: Developing a coherent narrative and creating space to transform
  • 37:45: Recognizing the cost of not changing, and future awareness creating fulfilment
  • 43:55: The present as simply the present
  • 46:50: “After the Ecstasy, The Laundry”, and 10x thinking being counterintuitive
  • 48:55: Practical steps to engage in a 10x process of thinking
  • 55:50: Recap

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