Being Well Podcast: How to Become Psychologically Flexible (from formerly rigid people)
March 27, 2023

Just like how physical flexibility is the amount of stretch in our muscles, the ability they have to bend without breaking, psychological flexibility is the same quality in our minds. It helps us look at situations in new lights, be open to our emotions, let go of old versions of ourselves, and step into new ways of being.

Forrest and Dr. Rick both identify as “reformed rigid people,” and in this episode of the Being Well Podcast, they explore how to become more psychologically flexible. 



Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction

1:35: Choice, and the tradeoff between flexibility and speed

2:55: Rigidity, agency, and flexibility in relationship

7:50: Behavioral vs. psychological choices

10:30: The dock and the river, and self-protection

15:40: Inflexibility as a means to an end

17:30 Tools to inquire into your rigidities

20:50: When others’ behavior isn’t about you

22:25: A different perspective on distress tolerance

23:20: Assumptions and limiting beliefs

27:35: Willingness to change, and comfort in feeling change

34:10: Releasing attachment to your ‘place’

39:50: Understanding the function of your rigidity

41:35: Oveidentification with goals and accomplishments

44:40: Stepping into the river

45:20: Recap

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