Being Well Podcast: ADHD 2.0 with Dr. John Ratey
April 3, 2023

ADHD is often misunderstood as a simple “lack of attention.” But in this episode of Being Well, Forrest and Dr. Rick are joined by ADHD pioneer Dr. John Ratey to explore the true nature of this complex condition.

Forrest Hanson, Rick Hanson, and Dr. John Ratey debunk common misconceptions about ADHD, explore how ADHD works in the brain, and discuss the surprising strengths and vulnerabilities of ADHD. You’ll learn how to thrive with ADHD by applying effective interventions, including social connection, mindfulness practice, medication, and exercise.

About our Guest: Dr. John Ratey is an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the author of eleven books including Spark and the Driven to Distraction series with Dr. Ned Hallowell. Their newest book in the series is the fantastic ADHD 2.0

Key Topics:

  • 0:00: Introduction: Dr. John Ratey and ADHD
  • 2:00: The biggest misconception about ADHD
  • 3:35: The advantages of having ADHD
  • 5:55: De-pathologizing, skillful means, and the problem of “fit”
  • 9:25: The variety of presentations of ADHD
  • 12:10: ADHD: A trait, not a disorder
  • 13:55: The task-positive network, and the default mode network
  • 18:20: Three ways to turn off the default mode network
  • 22:20: The importance of social connection
  • 25:35: Feeling like an outsider, and being punished for having ADHD
  • 28:45: Deliberate internalization of beneficial experiences
  • 31:40: Why exercise and movement is particularly useful for ADHD
  • 34:45: Dance as an ideal form of exercise for those with ADHD
  • 39:50: Jump rope, and the right amount of exercise if you have ADHD
  • 41:15: Nature and the afflictions of civilization on attention
  • 44:25: Medication for ADHD
  • 51:15: Recap

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